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The wizards are here to help!

To write fan fic, you do need - sense of adventure, a good story to tell and, of course, love for the band you are talking about.

To write fan fic ( and any kind of text ), you also need patience, a good plot, good use of the language...and daring!

This room is the place where you can shout for help on your stories and on fan fic slang - What's crossover? And slash? What's necessary to write a time-travel story? And so on.

Send your questions up to the emails below, or leave a message in the Answering Machine. I will be sure to answer them as soon as I can!

Wizard Workshops!

Learn how to write an effective INTRODUCTION PAGE

Learn all the Fan Fiction Slang

To send a question to The Wizard Room, please use the email below with the title "Wizard - Question"

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