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Join the NWL Beatle Fan Fiction Club!

Want to join the NWLBFFC? Well, then just click down below on either our e-mail address or Answering Machine and let us know! All you have to give us is Your NWL Name, Your City, and your e-mail addy!

Okay, why should you join NWLBFFC? Well, because you are open to many fun opportunities! Soon we'll be starting a fan fic that can only be contributed to by NWL members! Wait! That answers why you should join Nowhere Land! Let me back up. When you join, you get an invitation to join our Yahoo! club which will be the site for our monthly jam sessions in which we will discuss all things fan fiction! You'll get subscribed to our update/newsletter, learn tips, tricks, and get to even contribute a workshop!

Want to have more reasons?

Contests, contests contests! These will be coming soon hopefully and you can only participate in those if you're a NWLBFFC member!

So join us by sending us an e-mail or leave us a message!

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