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Nowhere Land's Beatle Fan Fiction Club!

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Well! Anna and I (Sarah) have been hard at work here and we've got brand new things for you!

In the Workshop, we have two workshops. One for how to write intro pages and another so you can familiarize yourself with the sometimes complicating jargon us fan fic writers use!

On our InfoCenter, we bring you our Interview Of The Month - this time featuring our only "gentleman" on the Fan Fiction bussiness, Juliano da Silveira. Suggest the next author sending us one email or using the Answering Machine!

You may have noticed our frames. :) I did that so you have freedom to move around and always have a list of features to your left. Let us know what you think of them!

The Herald has already one review, so be sure to check it and, why not, send yours too!

Meet, Maharishi Peekaboo! :-) The NWLBFFC's pet cat! He's named after the adorable cat from the comic strip, Rose Is Rose. You might find it in the comic section of your newspaper!) Every so often, I'll post Maharishi Peekaboo's thoughts here on the Homepage, so check them out once and a while. *lol*

~*~*~Maharishi Peekaboo's Thoughts~*~*~

The cat has nine lives: three for playing, three for straying, three for staying.
- English proverb

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