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The Herald - Fan Fiction Review

Sun, Sea, Sand, and..... the Beatles! by Angela

- **** out of *****

reviewed by: Olivia Harrison (sarah -

This recently completed fan fic is one of the most enjoyable fan fiction I've read (you'll find it at Anna Fagundes' Houseful of Inc.). I always know I've found a favorite when I read the story and smile at what's going on and I smiled an awful lot while reading this story. It was funny, sad, and definetly well-written. The story follows three girls who go on vacation and find that the motel/hotel room the reserved is one they're going to have to share with the Beatles. What girl wouldn't love to be trapped in a hotel room with the Beatles? Though I don't want to give too much of the story line away, you're sure to find yourself caught up in the story and laughing at the antics of the characters from their run-ins with the hotel management to their "unfortunate" hike at George's insistence. It's a definite must-read, and I would suggest reading the 16 chapters altogether for the full effect of the story. The author did an A+ job on this one.

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