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NWL-BFFC's Fan Fiction Directory


Okay, so here's our Club's directory. I can personally say it's one of the most complete directories you'll find on the net cause, well, it comes from my (Sarah's) site, Sunday Night at the Palladium. What did I do? I just took everything I currently had there and brought it over here. It's going to have a bit of a different format which I completely vouch for, cause I'm doing it. Me bringing the directory here DOES NOT mean you can do the same by downloading it and uploading it to your site. This version of the directory has my (Sarah's) permission to use what I had from Sunday Night at the Palladium's directory, because I (Sarah), again, am doing the maintaining of this directory and my personal directory. If I find that someone has violated my copyright and Nowhere Land's Beatle Fan Fiction Club's copyright, I will not hesitate to ask the guilty party to cease and desist.

#9 Dream - By dobolina (C)

...And I Will Still Be Laughing -- by Julia Dylan ***A romance with Ringo as the main Beatle character. About a love that was finally meant to be. A MUST READ!*** (C)

1964.. the first concert... - By Sarah {Web master note: This Sarah is NOT me.} *** A fan's recollection of her first tribute band concert.*** (NF)

1966 - By Gabbie Nirenburg ***The main character goes on vacation.... back through time! She meets Paul and takes off from there. Doesn't look like it's going to be updated anytime soon, but as long as it exists, it'll be posted here.*** (NC)

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Rumors - from a story started by Ate and Fab, continued by Bitsy, Puma and Ross ***An unsightly picture that John takes of George falls in the wrong hands. And I do mean, the WRONG hands.*** (C)

A Romp In The Countryside - By RachelD

A Day To Remember - By Sylvir

A Band to Sgt. Pepper By Anna Fagundes

A Baby Boomer Looks Back - by Susan Petersen (Site is Currently under renovation)

A Fool In Love By Sarah (me) ***Paul finds the girl of his dreams and she finds him.... and Ringo. And because of it, Ringo's chance to be a Beatle hangs in the balance. A Pre-Beatlemania story that is Part 1 of a series.*** (NC)

A Beatle tribute band, The Eggmen. A REVIEW - By Sarah ***My review of a Beatle Tribute show during the summer of 1998.*** (NF)


An Orange For My Love -- Jules

And I Love Her - By: Leslie Cox & Myra Hollingsworth

And One Cried "Murder!" - by Kirshnera ***A murder occurs in a hotel the Fab Four are staying at. The main problem? One of them may be the main suspect!*** (NC)

Angel Feathers - By Ashley Calvert

Bad Day on Blue Jay Way - By Puma

Band On The Run - By Rachel D.

Beatlemania '64 - by Benna ***A story about twin brother and sister plus their group of friends and their love for the Beatles!*** (NC)

Beatlenapped! - by Alicia Comrie

Beatleranma 1/2 :The Morning After ***George and Paul wake up one morning and find themselves female. Hilarious story by an up and coming Beatle FF comedy writing duo!*** (C)

Beatleranma 2 1/2: It's a Girl's Life ***The sequel to Beatleranma 1/2. George and Paul find themselves back in their female state right before an appearance on Ed Sullivan! Maurecia Malloy from another story makes an appearance!*** (NC)

The Beatles in Print (Part One of a Series) - by Susan Petersen (Site is Currently under renovation)

Beatles on Holiday - by Nadine ***The Beatles decide to take a break at a beautiful Bed and Breakfast where George finds romance.*** (NC)

Blackbird, fly - Yvonne de Groot

Blue Eyes By Anna Carolina Fagundes

NEW ADDRESS!Bulldog's Domain - by Bitsy

Coral Beneath the Ocean Waves - By Melody and the Maccarelles

DA-DUMMM!!!!-by Ate and Fab

Days in the Life by Tina Kukla ***The sequel to The Beatles: Live at 12 Cold Creek Street. Laurie goes on tour with the Fab Four and her romance with Paul blooms!*** (NC)

Dream Away - by Katy

Echo's Paul Story - by Echo

Fb I+0n - An online fan fiction newsletter!

Flaming Pie: A Fan's Review - by Susan Petersen (Site is Currently under renovation)

Free at Last - By Anna Fagundes

Friendship Goes A Long Way~By Kim Powless

From Liverpool to the Toppermost of the Poppermost - By Samantha Liddle

George's Phobia- by Bitsy

The Goldigger - by Juliano

NEW ADDRESS!!Got To Get You Into My Life - By Katherine

Gotcha - by Bitsy

Help! - by Rita (NOTE!: On this story, after the 1st chapter, the http:// is repeated twice. In order to view the next parts, you need to copy the link location, paste it in the location area of your browser, and delete the extra http://)

I Am, You Are - Anna Fagundes

I Will - Ms. Kite

Imagined: The Man Who Would Be John Lennon - By Thomas Reed

In the Eye of the Hurricane - By Anna Fagundes and DreamyGypsy

In Our Own Right - by Bagists from Bagism

In His Life - by Ate

In My Life - By Kate Stocker

Into My Life - by Diane

Journey Into the Night - by Anna Carolina Fagundes

Lennon and McCartney visit The Tonight Show - by Susan Petersen (Site is Currently under renovation)

Les Miserabeatles-by Ate and Fab

NEW ADDRESS!!Let It Down - By Vic--The Slick

Let Me Grow Upon You - by Pepperland Ann

Lindy's Legacy - Lissa Michelle Supler (aka StrwbrySunshine)

Listen to the colour of your dreams by Linda van Buchem

Live from New York, it's... The Beatles! - by Susan Petersen (Site is Currently under renovation)

Love Cuts Both Ways - By Ivonne Macouzet & Erin Wiggins

Love, Hate, and Mousies - by Ate and Fab ***Paul and George fight over a girl to the point where it gets physical! Mr. Mousie is 100% sure that it's a funny story.*** (C)

Love is All You Need - by Regina Burch

Maurecia Malloy - by Ate, Fab, Ross, and Puma

May Your Song Always Be Sung - By Anna Fagundes

Merseysidian Hourglass - By Anna Of The Field

Micky & Ringo (Ongoing Story....) - By Washburn and whoever adds to it!

Moon Beat - by Katy

Moonlight and Magic - Laura M.

More Than A Maid - By Lisa

Ode to John Lennon - By Agent Newbeau

Oh, the Horror of Paul's Lost Voice! - by Fab

On the Streets - By Naomi Miller

Our Generation - by Katy

Planet McCartney - by Susan Petersen (Site is Currently under renovation)

P.S. I Love You - By Erin Barry + Erin Ogulnick

Paranoid in Paris - By Ate and Fab

Paul McCartney's Amazing Cheese Pie - by Ate and Fab

Pink Rabbit Blues - By Agent Newbeau

Rachel's Story - by Rachel

Ringo's Romance - Bitsy

Run For Your Life - Angela Jones

Something - By Erica Synowsky

Standing Stones: A Travel Through Time

Story Updates with a few skits and extras - By Ate and Fab

Strange Days Indeed

Strawberry Fields Forever - By lucy in the Sky with diamonds

Strawberry Fields Forever - by Molly Wood

Strawberry Fields Forever - Beatle Jude

REVIEWED!!Sun, Sea, Sand, and the Beatles! - by Angela (Look @ NWL Beatle Fan Fic Club for Review!)

Swinging Into That New Year - by Sarah Mueller (me) Hosted by Anna's Houseful Inc. (Thanks Anna!)

The Beatles: Live at 12 Cold Creek Street - by Tina Kukla

The Unfinished Symphony - By Julia MacDonell

The sequel to Strange Days Indeed

The Other Side of the Mirror - By Anna Fagundes

The Eggman and The Walrus - Benna

The Magical Adventures of Ringo, George, John and, Paul - By NYC Girlie Interactive!!

The Time Capsule - by Benna

The 1965 Purple Mustang, or Isn't Fate Horrible - by Ate and Fab


Their Songs - Tony Chandler

Things We Said Today - Ivonne

Tomorrow Never Knows - By Brianna Taylor

View From A Hotel Window - By Liz

Walk Alone, if You Choose - Laura Hensley

Whodunit?: A Skit - By Ate and Fab ***Ate & Fabs self-proclaimed masterpiece. The Beatles go back to medieval times. Written in script form, kinda like a Monty Python skit.*** (C)

With Strings Attached - by D. Aviva Rothschild

WONSUPONANIGHT - Linda van Buchem

Yes Sir, No Way Sir! - by Julia Dylan Starr (OUT NOW @ the Houseful!)

Yesterday and Forever - by Chelsey Pippin