Interview - Juliano da Silveira
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Amazin'! ( or a lad in the fan fiction )

He can remember, as if it happened yesterday, the first time he had heard about the Beatles. "I was...9, 10 years old, I entered a store and a song was on, loud - it was "Day Tripper". I bought the LP... It was the Red Album... and since then, I'm a Beatle-fan."

Juliano da Silveira, 24 years old, is better known in the internet under the nickname "Amazing Dreamcoat", and for 2 facts: a) he's cousin of the writer/publisher Anna of the field and b) he's the only man that writes Beatles Fan Fiction. His first work, "The Goldigger", was at Rea's Fan Fiction Directory until it closed, in the end of February. The story, Juliano tells the NWLBFFC, is to be at the Fb-Fiction soon. "Anna and I have a pact of not interfering at one another's page. ( he has a page in Portuguese about the X-Files, his favourite TV-series ). That's why I haven't published my story on the Houseful Inc." He's already searching a place to his second work, a short comedy that either will be called "Another Fab Odyssey" or "Professor McCartney" ( any directories interested in it? ).

But why would a man write in a style that, since its birth, is a "lady's thing"? Amazing explains that he always loved "weird stories", and one day, checking out his cousins' links, he stumbled on "With Strings Attached". Having read it, he decided to read all the rest. One month later, he was, literally, inside the world of fan fictions - to be the only lad on the long list of fans. "Hey, there are romantic guys in the world too", he says, "and not all of them are officially gays or something like it." Amazing informs that he knows more guys that actually read the stories ( he doesn't mention names ), but, as he has informed, "they're always too ashamed to say, 'oh, I like it.' It's like they didn't want to have nothing to do with it...believe me, novels like "Free At Last" or "Days In The Life" are very popular between the lads!" He says he's planning to write "a story with the lads' side of the romance" pretty soon. He already has the plot, but "I don't have all the time I wish I had to write it."

However, his love for fan fics was at the same time reason and problem to him to publish "The Goldigger". With a little help and encouragement from Anna and from his stepbrother Bruno, he went on and published the story of Yolanda Fairchild, that finds out, in a drastic way, her own origins.

The story won some fans and the "family competition" was on. Does he feel intimidated with Anna's writings? "Not at all...well...sometimes.", he laughs. "She's my inspiration, and sometimes I get worried with all the work she can write -but no, I'm not afraid, thank you very much." Asked about which would be his favourite story, he belts out "With Strings Attached", but also mentions "All This For A Lousy Concert", "Blue Eyes" and "In The Eye Of The Hurricane".

Married, no children (although they're on his plans), Juliano is "officially" a photographer at a Brazilian variety's magazine. And, before I finish the text, he asks me to add his e-mail ( , "I share it with Anna's pages and my pages too" ), to whoever want to chat to him or to help him with his yet unnamed new fanfic ( he won't say no more about the plot, unless you e-mail him ). And he lets go a last tip: "Leave it all to the imagination. Dreams are made to be written!"